Updated Volvo C40 launched in Thailand – 56km more range, 200kW DC charging

The updated Volvo C40 has been launched in Thailand, fetching a price of THB 2,790,000 (approx. RM365,057) for the twin motor version and THB2,090,000 (RM273,596) for the single-motor variant. The Volvo C40 was updated together with the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric back in January this year and they both get bigger battery packs, faster DC charging, and their single-motor versions (which are not available in Malaysia) have become rear-wheel drive (RWD) from the previous front-wheel drive (FWD) configuration.

The main updates to the Volvo C40 are:

  • Bigger 82 kWh battery pack capacity (compared to the previous 78 kWh capacity)
  • Range now up at 507 km from the previous 451 km
  • 200 kW DC charging (compared to previous 150kW DC charging)
  • New “Vapor Gray” body colour
  • New 19-inch alloy wheel design
  • RWD configuration for single-motor variant compared to previous FWD (not available in Malaysia)
  • New rear-biased power distribution for dual-motor AWD variant
The updated Volvo C40 in “Vapor Gray” body colour.

Visually things remain largely the same for the Volvo C40 as the grille and bumper design remain the same. The 19-inch wheels now get a new design and a new “Vapor Gray” body colour is added to the colour choices of the Volvo C40 in Thailand.

Performance-wise, the total output of the AWD C40 remains the same at 408 hp (metric). The power distribution, however, is now different with a rear-biased setup. The outgoing version has a 50:50 distribution. Its 0-100km/h acceleration time remains the same at 4.7 seconds.

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Major changes to the EV ownership experience of the Volvo C40 would be its bigger battery and faster DC charging capability. The updated Volvo C40 is able to handle a maximum DC charging rate of 200 kW while the outgoing version can only handle 150 kW maximum. And this is essential to charge the slightly bigger battery which is now rated at 82 kWh compared to the previous version’s 78 kWh capacity. This means the electric range is now up at 507 km from the outgoing version’s 451 km.

In Malaysia, the Volvo C40 is in its “outgoing” version with a 78kWh battery capacity and 150 kW maximum DC charging rate. It is only available in its dual-motor version in Malaysia and fetches a price of RM288,888. With Thailand receiving the updated version, it shouldn’t be long until Malaysia receives it too.

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