We helped Porsche set a new EV record – from Thailand to Singapore in 29 hours 15 mins!

Porsche has set a new record for the “fastest single journey in an EV from Thailand to Singapore” with a Taycan 4S Cross Turismo, completing the run in just 29 hours and 15 minutes. Dubbed the “Taycan Record Run”, the feat was achieved by three journalists from Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia – including our very own Pan Eu Jin!

The trio – with Pholpat Salayakanond from Thailand and Desmond Chan from Singapore – drove in shifts across the gruelling 1,845 km route, stopping only for short charging intervals along the journey from Bang Yai, the outskirts of Bangkok, to Garden by the Bay in Singapore.

The Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo used for the challenge is equipped with the Performance Battery Plus package, which after the software update in 2022, boasts an improved WLTP-rated electric driving range of 512 km in a single charge.

However, the run will not be possible without the cross-country Shell Recharge HPC network, which was jointly set up by Shell and Porsche last year. The network’s 180-360 kW ABB chargers and the Porsche Taycan’s 800V electrical architecture means that each charging interval took no more than 25 minutes on average, saving them valuable time that can be used on the roads.

With the Porsche Taycan’s efficiency, the trio only had to make a handful of charging stops during the journey – each greeted with friendly wishes thanks to the car’s special 75th anniversary livery. Despite the record attempt, Porsche noted that the trio were not afforded any additional benefits aside from the 60 minutes reserve period already accorded to all Porsche owners on the Shell Recharge network.

Along the way, the record-breaking car was also kept within all prevailing speed limits, not just for the sake of the legality of the record, but also to prevent unnecessary battery usage.

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After crossing the Malaysia-Singapore border early on Wednesday morning, the record-breaking Porsche Taycan finally arrived at the SG50 Lattice structure within Gardens by the Bay – serving as the finishing line – at 10:15 AM.

A short verification of the timing sheets by TAG Heuer timekeepers later, and it’s official: the Porsche Taycan and – I can’t believe I’m saying this – Eu Jin is now a record holder in both the Singapore and Malaysia Book of Records.

“Together with Porsche Singapore and Porsche Thailand, we are pleased to spearhead the first cross-border EV drive across three countries – Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, proving that seamless long-distance travel in an EV is now a reality,” Sime Darby Auto Performance CEO, Christopher Hunter.

Shell Mobility Malaysia General Manager, Seow Lee Ming adds, “Shell Malaysia is extremely proud that 14 of our Shell Recharge High Performing Chargers strategically placed at 7 locations alongst the North – South Highway have facilitated this record-setting drive. This further demonstrates our effort in pioneering the future of mobility to provide EV drivers with a reliable, smooth and convenient network connecting the countries of Thailand all the way to Singapore via our Shell Recharge network in Malaysia.”

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