Video: A day on the road and track with the Porsche Taycan!

It’s been nearly a year since its launch in Malaysia so there’s nothing we can tell you about the Porsche Taycan that you don’t already know. Except, how it drives.

Shocking is the word we’d use to describe the whole experience. Not only because it’s so fast it can literally reshuffle your organs but also because of how normal it felt.

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If you have been driving Porsche, or even just a car for the last decade, getting into the Taycan and setting off is as easy as unwrapping a gift.

In fact the only unusually bit of the whole experience is the moments before setting off, when you can’t tell if the “engine” is running because it’s totally silent! Once you get it into D, anyone with a valid license will be able to drive with ease and it won’t take more than a few kilometres before you get used to it.

What you’d take longer to get used to, or probably never, is the out-of-this-world acceleration typical of an electric – and this one’s an electric Porsche. Imagine that!

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It doesn’t accelerate, it just catapults forward. In the first few seconds, what you’d experience is a throbbing headrush – like you’d never experience in any car. Once you get past that, the car just keeps going – surging forward – until you lift off the throttle out of fear.

Put it on a track like the Sepang Circuit, and the Taycan shows off even more of its Porsche-ness – much more than it’s unrivalled ability to go really quick in a straight line.

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With all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steer, it was as quick through the corners as it is on the straights. It makes it so easy and effortless for you to go fast; sometimes too fast. The abundance of grip and traction makes cornering feel like a roller-coaster ride. The limit of this car lies within the driver itself.

Yet, this is a car with two boots and enough space for four to five occupants. It has left us completely speechless and silent, just like the car.


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