Cycle & Carriage hosts Mercedes-Benz Service Clinic with ‘Flying Doctor’, May 22-26

From May 22 to 26, Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves is hosting a Mercedes-Benz Service Clinic with the presence of the brand’s ‘Flying Doctor’. The service clinic aims to offer customers a complimentary health check for their cars so that they can gain a holistic understanding of their vehicles.

Through the service clinic, customers can learn about what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to caring for their beloved Mercedes-Benz. The technical team at Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves is ready to explain how different parts of their car function, the importance of using quality Mercedes-Benz parts and tools on their car, and how to better care for their car for an exceptional journey on the road.

The ‘Flying Doctor’ from Mercedes-Benz is a technical expert with holistic experience in the maintenance, repair works, and diagnostics of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. There are only 2 ‘Flying Doctors’ in the Southeast Asian region and the particular doctor present at the service clinic is Mr. Saurabh Singh.

Stationed at Mercedes-Benz Malaysia since 2022, Mr. Saurabh Singh has been a ‘Flying Doctor’ based at Mercedes-Benz India (North & East India) since 2015 beforehand. He was the youngest Flying Doctor at Mercedes-Benz India and during his tenure, handled multiple projects with Mercedes-Benz Research & Development and was also responsible for technical support during the launch of AMG vehicles.

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The Flying Doctor, Mr. Saurabh Singh (centre) speaking to a customer

Together with the ‘Flying Doctor’, car owners can get their car checked by an expert technician who is equipped with knowledge of a wide range of Mercedes-Benz models, including the Mercedes-Benz AMG series. The Flying Doctor and the team at Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves are ready to assist Mercedes-Benz customers.

The service clinic is conducted at Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves which spans a 117,720-sq.ft. built-up area. Accredited as a “Centre of Competence” by Mercedes-Benz, the Batu Caves facility is also awarded a Level 4 certification which allows them to work on severe damage cases. The Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves facility is equipped with:

  • Special and standard tools for car restoration
  • A spray booth
  • Cellete bench and jigs to carry out structure repairs
  • An aluminium bay with welding machines
  • A dry sanding area with proper ventilation
  • Paint reparation bays, spray booths, oven booths, and polishing bays

Mercedes-Benz customers who wish to get a complimentary comprehensive health check for their cars may visit Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves. The program with the brand’s Flying Doctor will take place from May 22 to 26, 2023.

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