Video: Shell FuelSave 95, how it helps you go 15 km further EVERY tank!

We Malaysians should really consider ourselves lucky, because thanks to the government’s subsidies, our RON 95 petrol – by today’s regulations – will never go above RM2.05 per litre. Still, with everything around us getting more and more expensive, even the fixed petrol pricing can start to feel a little rough.

But what if there’s a fuel that can help you go even further, without you spending any more money? According to Shell, their new and improved FuelSave 95 is the answer.

The new Shell FuelSave 95 is a product of over five years of vigorous testing, involving over 150 fuel scientists globally. Interestingly, we are also amongst the first markets in the world to launch this new fuel formulation!

Shell says for most of the cars here in Malaysia, you’ll actually be able to travel further by up to 15 km per tank of petrol. That might not sound like much, but if you fuel up once per week, that might easily add up to one whole tank worth of fuel, basically for free, after every six months of use!

So how did they manage to achieve this? In short, it’s the new additives that help “immediately clean” your engine, starting from the very first tank of the new and improved FuelSave 95.

The new additives specifically target carbon deposits within the engine, and are able to remove up to 65% of the harmful deposits that form around the intake valves and fuel injectors. At the same time, they also provide two layers of protection against future carbon build up and engine corrosions.

The fuel is designed to work on all sorts of petrol engines, no matter if it’s 15-years-old, or a more modern engine with newer technologies, including plug-in hybrids.

Interested? Of course you are – we’re talking about saving money! The new and improved FuelSave 95 is now available in Shell stations nationwide, so why not try it out for yourselves.


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