Proton commits to launching at least one New Energy Vehicle (NEV) per year

With the launch of the Proton X90 in Malaysia, Proton has started its venture into the New Energy Vehicle (NEV) segment. NEV is just how Proton refers to its electrified vehicles. At the launch of the X90, Geely Holding Group Chairman Eric Li Shufu announced that Proton will “launch at least one NEV model every year”.

If you didn’t know yet, the Proton X90 is the company’s first hybrid car and it runs a 48V mild hybrid system. The system consists of a 1.5-litre TGDI engine and a Belt Starter Generator (BSG). The engine itself makes 177 hp and 255 Nm while the BSG makes 13 hp and 45 Nm. Combined, the system makes 190 hp and 300 Nm Being a mild hybrid car, the X90 doesn’t need to be plugged in to charge.

If we count the upcoming Smart #1 that will be distributed by PRO-NET (Proton’s subsidiary), Proton is already on track to launch 2 NEVs in 2023. In a slide titled “Geely to add momentum to NEV transition”, images of the Zeekr 001, Lotus Eletre, and the Galaxy E8 alongside the confirmed upcoming Smart #1, but let’s not read into it too much for now.

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Speaking at the launch of the 2023 Proton X90, Geely Holding Group Chairman, Eric Li Shufu said, “We will spare no effort to support Proton with new technologies, new products, new business models, help Proton launch at least one new energy vehicle model every year, cultivate 5,000 talents in Proton in the field of new energy vehicles within five years, enable Proton to become a leader of new energy vehicles in ASEAN countries and build the new energy vehicle ecology in Malaysia.”

Besides announcing that Proton will launch at least one NEV model every year, Eric Li also announced that Proton cultivate 5,000 NEV talents within the next five years and that the company will build the NEV ecology in Malaysia.

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