Nissan Serena: the ‘dual back door’ feature should be an industry standard for all MPVs!

The MPV is perhaps the most versatile body style for a vehicle, especially with adjustable (or sometimes even removable) seats, giving you the flexibility between ferrying passengers, or moving cargo. But with the vast amount of volume, the MPV body style does come with an inherent problem: the rear hatch can become quickly become unwieldy big.

Parked a little too close to the wall behind? Sorry, you won’t be able to access your bags at the back. Different carmakers utilise different tricks to side step this problem, such as doors that split in half down the middle. But the Nissan Serena‘s “dual back door” tailgate might be the most ingenious solution to this problem.

In addition to the regular full-height hatch-door, the Nissan Serena also has an additional smaller hatch that opens up via the rear windscreen. Opening up the secondary hatch requires less space, which means you’ll still have access to your cargo space, even when you’re parked in a tighter space.

On a more obscure note, the split tailgate design also allows you to stuff more items into the cargo area. This might sound weird, but thanks to the additional side support, you’ll be able to stack your bags higher – bags that would otherwise have fallen onto the ground.

Combined with the flexible seating arrangements with up to 13 different configurations, and you’ll be genuinely surprised how much cargo (or people) the Nissan Serena can carry.

The Nissan Serena has been an invaluable tool for my family of five during our recent balik kampung trip for the Chinese New Year festivities. If you frequently travel long distances with your family too, the Japanese seven-seater MPV is definitely an effortless and inexpensive way to ferry around your passengers, and your cargo in style and comfort!

Recently updated last year, the Nissan Serena is available in Malaysia in two variants: the 2.0L Highway Star at RM149,888, and the 2.0L Premium Highway Star at RM162,888. Do check out our detailed launch coverage here for more details!


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