Proton to return in Indonesia and Thailand, aims 10k units global exports

With its new SUVs, local car maker Proton has managed to increase its exports by 79.1% in 2022 with a total of 5,406 cars exported globally. During an event with local media recently, Proton shared that it sets a 10,000 unit interim breakthrough target for its exports. The company also aims to return to Indonesia and Thailand, and expand its increase its export markets.

From 2018 to 2022, Proton has shown a 290% export growth with the numbers being at 1,388 units in 2018 and in nine countries. Those nine countries were Brunei, Egypt, Fiji, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritius, Pakistan, UAE, and Zimbabwe.

In 2022 Proton exports were available in 14 countries, namely Bangladesh, Bermuda, Brunei, Egypt, Iraq Jordan, Kenya, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Proton is aiming to increase this number to 17, by returning to Thailand, Indonesia, and possibly Fiji. For Thailand and Indonesia, Proton will use new subsidiaries to handle the respective markets.

As for assembly operations, Proton currently has four assembly plants, located in Pakistan, Kenya, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. A new assembly production will be the assembly plant in Egypt. In the nearest future, Proton will be focusing on the Pakistan and South African markets – the former being Proton’s largest export market with over 2,600 units in 2022, and the latter being the company’s second-largest export market.

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Proton aims to increase its export markets and this includes Thailand and Indonesia

Proton’s most popular export model, is the Proton Saga, simply replicating its dominance in the domestic market. 2,408 units of the Proton Saga were globally exported in 2022, showing a 31% increase from the previous year. Following behind the Saga, the 1,708 units of the X70 and 1,117 units of the X50 were exported globally. The X70 showed a 101% growth while the X50 showed a 277% growth.

In last year’s sales report, Proton Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Roslan Abdullah said, “Growth in PROTON’s export markets remains vital to the company. We are now halfway through our ten-year business plan and export sales will need to account for a growing percentage of our volume for the company to achieve its goals. With new models being added and growth from our current offerings in 2023, we are confident of hitting even bigger numbers this year.”

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