Perodua’s first CKD hybrid expected in 2024, first electric car in 2029

While a plethora of electric vehicles (EVs) has been launched in Malaysia in recent years, Perodua has yet to launch a hybrid (HEV) or fully electric vehicle (BEV). With no fully electric car in sight currently, the company will initiate a new Perodua CKD Hybrid xEV project this year under its production division. Perodua expects to make its first HEV in 2024 and its first BEV in 2029.

Although the Perodua Ativa Hybrid is already present in Malaysia, it is only available on a subscription program for a select few customers. The Ativa hybrid is also a rebadged hybrid Daihatsu Rocky, which is fully imported from Japan.

One of the key activities for Perodua in 2023 is the initiation of a new xEV project (see bottom left)

To recall on the Perodua Ativa Hybrid, it is powered by an electric motor that makes 106 hp (metric) and 170 Nm and a 1.2-litre engine that only functions as a generator, making 82 hp (metric) and 105 Nm. Limited to 300 units only, the subscription programme is handled by “EZ Mobi” which is an arm of Perodua. The subscription program costs RM500 per month, lasts for 5 years, and requires an upfront payment of RM2,150.

The main challenge for an affordable hybrid Perodua vehicle to come to fruition would be the localisation of the parts for a CKD Hybrid Perodua. Perodua cars are currently made of 95% localised parts and the company will “continue to maximise component parts localisation as part of industrial development”, and it would take a while before the Perodua xEV can become a reality. In the 2023 outlook presentation, one issue faced by Perodua is its vendors’ “lack of exposure to HEV/BEV & advance technology parts due to low adoption in Malaysia automotive industry.”

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Projection of cars produced by Perodua in coming years, depicting the company being fully electric by 2040

In the same slide shared by Perodua, the company also shared its production plans which shows its production plans for the upcoming years. If the graph shared is anything to go by, Perodua will begin producing its first HEV in 2024 and its first BEV in 2029. The graph also shows Perodua’s internal combustion engine (ICE) cars to be reduced in production starting 2024, the same time the company aims to begin making HEVs. It can also be seen that Perodua aims to be fully electric by 2040.

For its CKD hybrid development, Perodua will identify global companies with electrification & advance technologies with the support of Daihatsu Motor Corporation. Perodua will also explore potential for strategic partnership with local vendors for its xEV development.

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