BMW kidney grille design will differ from model to model – vary based on vehicle size

BMW’s disruptive vertical kidney grille has drawn mixed opinions ever since it debuted in the BMW 4 Series and now the company has confirmed that there’ll be more kidney grille design changes.

This was noted by BMW design boss Adrian van Hooydonk, who also confirmed to BMW Blog that the kidney grille design will differ from model to model. Van Hooydonk also said the kidney grille styling will vary based on the vehicle’s size.

When queried about BMW’s new design approach, as seen with the i Vision Dee concept, van Hooydonk admitted that the i Vision Dee’s radical design appears as if the carmaker has skipped a generation but there’s a reason for it.

“The world is changing faster and faster. Some things that, years ago, one could dream of, or you could see it in a sci-fi movie, now become very close, become real,” said van Hooydonk.

On the topic of the i Vision Dee, Van Hooydonk is aware that not everyone will like the concept’s grille design but is adamant that design always need to progress and the design team is embracing it. The i Vision Dee revealed recently will be the design catalyst for the next generation of BMW i vehicles.


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