Volvo Car Malaysia launches new e-commerce platform – ‘Shop Online’ for your next car

Starting at 8 pm today, you will be able to order a brand-new Volvo car through its new ‘Online Sales’ e-commerce platform. Announced during the launch of the all-electric Volvo C40 today, the new e-commerce platform is Volvo Car Malaysia’s initiative to sell cars directly to its customers.

Volvo Car Malaysia says that its new online platform will not only enable customers to purchase their cars directly from Volvo, but also provide price transparency, full visibility on available stock, and a “hassle-free purchase experience online”, and retailer assistance.

A preview of the new e-commerce platform by Volvo Car Malaysia

Through the e-commerce platform, bookings and payments will be made directly to Volvo Car Malaysia on the company’s official website. The ‘Online Sales’ platform will be instrumental in assisting the company’s nationwide retailers in delivering an outstanding Swedish luxury experience to all customers.

First to be available for online orders will be the newly-launched Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric starting 8 pm today. The C40 is the second electric vehicle (EV) by the brand, which is essentially a fastback version of the Volvo XC40 that has a 451 km all-electric range from a 78-kWh battery.

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Currently the all-electric C40 and XC40 are shown to be ‘Available Online’

Without the new ‘Online Sales’ e-commerce platform by Volvo Car Malaysia, customers can only hit “Send Request” after selecting the desired specification for their Volvo car. With the new e-commerce platform, customers will be able to select their desired specifications, know the stock availability, select the delivery payment method, and even know the estimated delivery for their purchased vehicle.

The new e-commerce platform is essentially a step up from the current facilities on Volvo Car Malaysia’s website. Volvo states that it plans to “ride on the rapid wave of digitalisation and growing online affinity of luxury consumers in Malaysia”.

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Volvo Car Malaysia Managing Director, Charles Frump said, “Our customers’ journey to owning a Volvo will be seamless from hereon, and one that is in line with our hassle-free price. Together with our authorised dealers, the ‘Online Sales’ platform will enhance the buying experience of every customer,”

If you’re planning to buy a Volvo C40, you might want to check out Volvo Car Malaysia’s website after 8pm tonight!

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