VW Group upgrades existing EV platform with more range and faster charging, now called MEB+

The Volkswagen Group’s electrification efforts thus far were all hinged on its modular electric platform, called the MEB, which allowed it to make cars ranging from the small Cupra Born hatchback, all the way up to the ID. Buzz Kombi van. But in the coming years, the platform will be called the MEB+, thanks to a range of upgrades that’ll enable more range and faster charging speeds.

The existing MEB platform has already seen applications in more than 670,000 vehicles on the roads, produced by a variety of brands across the group, but the company will continue “investing substantially in its further development in order to leverage the full potential of this successful platform and ensure that it remains competitive”, it said in a statement.

A key factor in the MEB+ is the new generation of what the company calls “unit cell” batteries, which will be manufactured at VW Group’s own cell factory in Salzgitter. The new battery technology will supposedly enable ranges of up to 700 km, while also significantly improve charging times, with charging speeds of 175-200 kW “possible in the future”.

Volkswagen also says that the MEB+ will improve upon its predecessor’s digital infrastructure, bringing “significant leaps” in automated driving functions.

The MEB+ platform will also help realise a significant expansion in the company’s EV range, with the Volkswagen brand itself getting 10 new models to be unveiled by 2026, including an entry-level model that will be priced at around EUR25,000 (approx. RM116k). This will also include a fully-electric SUV model, codenamed the e-SUV for now, as well as other models within the performance and premium segments.

Speaking on the updated platform, Volkswagen brand CEO Thomas Schäfer said, “The MEB still has significant potential. Our ambition is to take this platform to the next level. To that end, we are making substantial investments in advancing this technology. The MEB+ puts us in an excellent position for the coming years.”

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Aside from MEB+, Volkswagen has also previously announced the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) back in 2021, which was designed as a successor to the MEB. The SSP platform will underscore Volkswagen’s upcoming Trinity EV project, and was supposedly planned for a 2026 debut. However, the company’s language from the press release, alongside a separate report from last month, suggests that the project has been delayed.

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