Watch Travis Pastrana go nuts on Floridian streets in latest Gymkhana video

Time flies, doesn’t it? It’s already been two years since Travis Pastrana took over the Hoonigan Gymkhana video series from Ken Block, and in that two years, he’s now already published two separate Gymkhana videos. But this latest one is perhaps his best yet, and arguably even one of the top ones in the entire series, because he’s brought silly fun back to Gymkhana again.

Yes, Gymkhana is about the hilariously powerful cars doing slidey things past the tyres’ limit of adhesion, but it’s also just as much about the silly stunts. Think about what you remember the most from past Gymkhana videos – if you’re like us, it’s probably the donuts around a Segway, the drift across the front of a moving train, the wrecking ball, and that insane jump on San Francisco streets.

The good news is the latest Gymkhana has them all, and perhaps even taken things to a whole new level.

As always, the Gymkhana cars are always a bit special. For the 2022 instalment, Travis Pastrana opted for a custom-built Subaru GL Wagon known as “The Family Huckster”, that rides on a bespoke tube frame.

The original flat-four engine from the second-generation GL wagon obviously won’t cut it here, so it’s inherited the custom 2.3-litre turbocharged boxer engine and from the previous Gymkhana machine, which makes a whopping 862 hp.

All-wheel drive is expected, but what’s special are all of the active-aero bits that the team has tacked onto the car, including fins and spoilers that automatically deploy under heavy braking to act as air brakes.

Without giving too much away, the new Gymkhana 2022 has most definitely upped the ante in terms of stunts. Expect sparks, huge air time, massive tyre smoke clouds, and even a fighter jet and a helicopter.

It’s so extreme that Travis Pastrana even broke his back and pelvis while filming (not from driving), but fortunately he’s already fully recovered. Be sure to stay for the post-credit scenes to find out why.

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