Ken Block is selling his “dream car” collection, including two Gymkhana Ford Fiestas

Clearly, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lasting financial impact for many people. Case in point: Ken Block, the professional rally driver best known for his “Gymkhana” YouTube series, is now putting up his “dream cars” for sale. We kid, but the cars are really being sold.

Three of Ken Block’s cars are currently listed on LBI Limited’s website, a company specialising in trading collector cars: the 2011 Ford Fiesta ST “GYM3”, the 2013 Fiesta ST “RX43”, as well as a rare 1986 Ford Escort RS200 that makes over 800 hp.

The first two in the list perhaps makes a little bit of sense, since Ken Block and his Hoonigan Racing team only just recently split up (amicably, we should add) with the Blue Oval brand. The RS200 however, was one of Block’s most prized possession, with him affectionately calling it his “dream car”, so it’s a little odd to see it being sold.

Anyway, the first Fiesta in the list is the exact one featured in the 11-year-old Gymkhana Three video. Starting life off as just a regular Ford Fiesta ST, Block turned to Swedish racing team Olsbergs MSE to transform it specifically for his Gymkhana antics.

Underneath the bonnet is an Olsbergs 2.0-litre Duratec engine, which makes 600 hp and nearly 900 Nm of torque. Supposedly, these engines are capable of making north of 850 hp, but Ken Block preferred the torque band in this tune to better control his car around tight obstacles.

Working in conjunction with the six-speed sequential gearbox and all-wheel drive, the Fiesta ST GYM3 propels from a standstill to 100 km/h in the two seconds range.

The next Fiesta ST meanwhile, dubbed “RX43”, is featured in the three separate Gymkhana videos: Six, Eight, and Terrakhana, with a combined view count of over than 100 million. Ken Block fans will also know that this RX43 Fiesta ST brought him his first-ever Rallycross win, back in 2013.

This one here is modified by M-Sport, with a 600 hp 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine launching it from 0-100 km/h in “under two seconds” – that’s faster than a F1 car off the line, by the way.

LBI Limited doesn’t list the prices for the two Gymkhana Fiesta STs; you’ll have to inquire directly with them to find out. Don’t expect it to be cheap though, considering the extensive modifications and of course, their YouTube fame.

Last but not least – and arguably perhaps the coolest one in the list – is the Ford Escort RS200, which Block says is his “favourite car of all time”. Born from the Group B rally era, Ken Block’s RS200 unit here is number 80 out of the 200 ever made for homologation requirements.

Block’s RS200 is also one of the 24 that were upgraded to EVO specifications, which means the 2.1-litre Cosworth four-cylinder engine makes over 800 hp on race fuel. This car here also gets custom K&W coilovers, alongside a custom exterior and interior makeover to Ken Block’s signature style.

The RS200 does get a price here, at USD550,000 (~RM2.3 million). A small price to pay, we think, for a piece of Group B history, and even more so for the hardcore Ken Block fan.

And just for posterity’s sake, here are some of the Gymkhana videos featuring the two Ford Fiestas.



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