Chery promises “user-centric” aftersales services in Malaysia with nationwide dealership network

Chinese carmaker Chery is plotting an aggressive return to Malaysia, with four new models already planned for the country, including the Tiggo 4 Pro, Tiggo 7 Pro, Tiggo 8 Pro, and the Omoda 5. While the new cars will certainly be taking all the limelight, Chery says that it is also laying down the groundwork for a solid aftersales service offering here in Malaysia to complement its sales strategy.

The company says that it will be establishing a new nationwide sales and after-sales network, which will build on the company’s experience and learnings from its other global markets to offer Malaysians “top quality” and “user-centric” services.

Chery dealership outlet in Brazil, built with its global unified corporate identity.

Chery says that it will continuously improve its services through extensive market research, utilising a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) research management method to ascertain how well its services meet customer expectations.

Through this, the company says it can thoroughly understand its customers’ lifestyles and requirements, and based on this knowledge, work to improve customer experience. Chery also says that it will also constantly monitor customers’ feedback on social media, coupled with timely responses from Chery’s after-sales team to boost its customers’ confidence and trust.

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Besides collecting customer issues through active research, Chery has also developed online service channels to respond quickly to customer’s queries. The company’s OTA (over-the-air) data platform can not only remotely diagnose vehicles intelligently, but also provide services and solutions through the cloud.

On top of that, Chery’s global mobile app with 24-hour support allows quick response to customer issues, and customers can also book service appointments directly through the app.

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As for its cars, the company says that both the software and hardware will be optimised specifically for our local preference, and will be paired with “competitive service policies” – the latter could mean a 10-year/1,000,000 km warranty for their cars, similar to what the company is offering in South Africa.


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