Electric Volvo XC90 patent images leaked – borrows styling from Polestar 2

Photos of alleged patent images for the upcoming all-electric Volvo XC90 have surfaced on the European car enthusiast forum, Worldscoop. The patent images were leaked not long after Volvo’s trademark filing of the name EXC90, and although the final name for the EV successor of the XC90 has yet to be confirmed, we’ll stick to calling it the Volvo EXC90 for now.

As seen in the leaked patent images, styling cues at the front of the Volvo EXC90 have been taken from the XC40-based Polestar 2. Some have pointed out the possibility of the leaked image being of a hybrid XC90, but the closed grille suggests an all-electric powertrain. Look at it from the rear, and an uncanny resemblance to the Polestar 2 can be seen as well.

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Set to be the first of its kind, the Volvo EXC90 will pioneer a new model name for the Swedish brand. InsideEVs reports that the EXC90 will initially be sold alongside the petrol-powered XC90, which is also expected to receive a facelift. However, in the long run, the EXC90 will likely cannibalize its combustion engine equivalent.

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Volvo unveiled the Volvo Concept Recharge in June 2021, which was essentially a full-sized electric SUV. The concept revealed Volvo’s new design language that incorporates EV-specific features, and also featured a LiDAR placed on top of the windshield to collect data on the environment around the car.

The Recharge Concept also featured a 15-inch touchscreen infotainment unit, increased interior space, repositioned seats for better seating position, optimised roof profile, and lower bonnet which improves aerodynamic efficiency.

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As such, certain features from the Volvo Recharge Concept are expected to make their way to the upcoming all-electric version of the Volvo XC90. Volvo has committed to making 50% of Volvo Cars’ sales volume to be fully electric and putting one million electrified cars on the road by 2025.


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