Maserati now offers a 10-year powertrain warranty to prove their cars are reliable

We’ve all heard it before – Italian cars are sloppily made, even the fancy-pants ones like Ferrari and Lamborghini. There’s no way for us to tell you (without owning one) if it’s just a silly stereotype or actual truth, but at least Maserati is willing to prove their cars are reliable by offering a 10-year warranty programme for their powertrains.

Dubbed “Extra10”, the new warranty programme is offered in addition to the existing “Extended Warranty” programme, which already offers up to five years of coverage. It’s available for all customers with any Maserati model, as long as it’s within nine years and six months from the registration date.

Obviously, there’ll be certain terms and conditions for your car to be covered by the 10-year warranty (engine modifications clearly a big no-no), but at least the Extra10 warranty will be offered with no mileage limit.

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“This new service enables Maserati to provide all its customers with an innovative offer, adding value in terms of unparalleled flexibility in the automotive world,” Maserati said in a statement. “A major new feature for the brand, aimed at consolidating the value of its cars over time, guaranteeing total peace of mind by combining top performance and the driving pleasure typical of every Trident car.”

The programme also includes other additional services, such as pick-up and return service to your home, as well as a courtesy car if your car is out-of-service. Maserati customers are urged to visit their preferred dealerships to check if their cars are included in the scheme.

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The press release makes no mention if the Extra10 warranty programme will also be available for the brand’s upcoming electric vehicles, although we presume that to be the case.

Maserati has already committed to an electrification plan, and will become fully electric by the end of the decade starting with the all-electric version of the GranTurismo, dubbed the Folgore. Technical specifications aren’t confirmed yet, but rumours suggest that it will be equipped with a tri-motor set-up making over 1,200 hp.


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