Alpine previews its electric future with new A110 E-ternité prototype

Alpine announced back in January last year that it’s going fully electric by the end of the decade, and as a preview of its electric future, the French marque has now unveiled a new fully-electric prototype, dubbed the A110 E-ternité.

As the name suggests, the new prototype is based on the existing A110 coupe, but with a whole electric powertrain stuffed inside. It’s not just a straightforward “engine” swap, however, as the chassis wasn’t designed for electrification in mind.

Alpine says that its engineers had to create bespoke battery casings for the A110 E-ternité, with four battery cells in placed in front, and another eight at the back to optimise weight distribution. And as if magic, the engineers still managed to retain a 42/58 weight distribution on the car, which is just a touch off from the original A110’s 43/57 split.

With the 12 cells added up, the A110 E-ternité boasts a fairly sizeable 60 kWh battery capacity, translating to a driving range of about 420 km (WLTP cycle). The Alpine A110 E-ternité does weigh 258 kg more than the regular A110, but it’s still quite an impressive engineering feat, considering that the batteries weigh a whopping 392 kg.

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The powertrain components are borrowed from the Megane E-Tech, making a maximum 178 kW (239 hp) and 300 Nm of torque here. On top of the weight penalty, the EV A110 also gets lower output figures, so it’s not surprising that it’s a bit slower, but not by much – the 0-100 km/h sprint takes 4.5 seconds, with the ICE completing it just 0.1 seconds quicker at 4.4 seconds.

Aside from a new electric powertrain, the Alpine A110 E-ternité prototype also features several unique innovations such as an open-roof design, made with recycled carbon which the company designed and built in-house. Alpine says that despite the removable roof, the car’s rigidity is not impacted.

Several components on the outside are also made from flax fibre, which Alpine calls “a material of the future” that is “as strong as carbon fibre”, but with better acoustics… whatever that means. The in-car infotainment display has also been swapped out for a removable touch-screen tablet, while the sound system has also been upgraded to an eight-speaker set-up, along with a subwoofer. Otherwise, though, the Alpine A110 E-ternité looks no different compared to its ICE counterpart.

The electric A110 is meant to serve as a preview to Alpine’s future, but the upcoming A110 replacement model should look quite a bit different to this, as the car will allegedly be built on a Lotus-developed modular platform, as a result of their partnership announced last year.



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