New MBUX Voice Assistant introduces a ‘story-telling tour guide’ in Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Mercedes-Benz erweitert den „MBUX Voice Assistant“ mit einem neuen Mercedes me Dienst: den akustischen Reiseführer „Tourguide“. Mercedes-Benz is enhancing its “MBUX Voice Assistant” with a new Mercedes me service – the “Tourguide” acoustic travel guide.

Mercedes-Benz has enhanced its MBUX Voice Assistant system with a new acoustic travel guide, blatantly name the “Tourguide”.

When activated, the audio travel guide reads out interesting and entertaining information about attractions along the route in what Mercedes-Benz considers to be a ‘fun way to pass time’ when travelling on holiday.

The “Tourguide” audio travel guide will be available in all new Mercedes-Benz vehicles produced from the 1st of June 2022 and they include models like the EQS, EQE, the new C-Class, new S-Class, EQS SUV, new GLC, and the AMG SL as well. As for the latter, it’s hard to imagine wanting to hear an audio travel guide more than the engine’s roar while the top is down.

To activate, users merely have to say “Hey Mercedes, start Tourguide”, and the feature will read out extensive information on tourist attractions and places of interest along the route. Content for the Tourguide feature was generated exclusively for Mercedes‑Benz Group AG.

When the feature is activated, announcements begin when the car detects the first sign related to a particular tourist attraction. One especially convenient feature is the ‘connection to automatic route guidance’. If the user is interested in a particular tourist attraction, all they have to do is select the navigation function and will be guided there directly without having to key in the name of the place or address.

For now, the company announced that the new audio travel guide will only be available in Germany but will be rolled out in other countries as well. In its home country, the company says the system is able to detect and respond to approximately 3,400 tourist information signs along German autobahns.

Locally, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has announced that the local launch of the fully electric Mercedes-Benz EQS will take place on the 22nd of July so mark your calendars and stay tuned!


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