New Pirelli Cinturato Rosso tyres in Malaysia – sized 15-inch and above, from RM250

Pirelli, through its official distributor in Malaysia, Kit Loong Tayaria, has launched the new Pirelli Cinturato Rosso tyres to expand the Cinturato tyre range that includes the Cinturato P6 and P7. The Cinturato Rosso will replace the Cinturato P1.

Available in 67 different sizes, ranging from 15- to 21-inches, the new Cinturato Rosso tyres are available for sedans, crossovers, MPVs and even SUVs. Tyre profile ranges from 35 to 65 aspect ratios, while tyre width ranges from 195 mm to 295 mm.

The new Cinturato Rosso tyres, with new groove designs featuring different depths and width, offers improved braking distances both in wet and dry conditions, reduced aqua planning, more refinement with reduced rolling noise and better mileage.

Compared to the Cinturato P1, the Cinturato Rosso was 5% quicker to react under hard braking in dry conditions, with 10% shorter braking distance. This was tested in a Toyota Camry with 215/55 R17 tyres, braking from 80 km/h to 0 km/h.

Under wet braking, the Cinturato Rosso also showed 10% shorter braking distance and 8% quicker response time compared to the Cinturato P1. This was also tested in the Toyota Camry with similar tyre size and speed – from 80 km/h to 0 km/h.

The new Cinturato Rosso tyres are made in China for the Southeast Asian market, with prices starting from RM250 to RM1,500.

“As Pirelli celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, the introduction of the Cinturato Rosso propels the Pirelli brand further in the local market. Pirelli has established its presence in Malaysia more than 20 years ago and since then we have seen tremendous growth. We are confident that the Cinturato Rosso will continue to contribute to the growth and market share of Pirelli in Malaysia,” said Pirelli Asia, Managing Director, Fabio Marcola.


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