Pirelli develops 5G-connected Cyber Tyre to improve road safety

Cars are getting more and more connected than before, and a growing number of carmakers are including cellular connectivity into their cars for various purposes, from simple navigation and fleet management to increasing performance through a software update in a Tesla. 

However, Pirelli thinks there’s still a missing piece here, and that is connected tyres. Being the only point of contact between the car and road, Pirelli feels that there are valuable information to be communicated with the driver, as well as the larger roadway infrastructure.

Dubbed the “Pirelli Cyber Tyre”, the tyres are equipped with an internal sensor that provides various information such as tyre model, mileage, as well as potentially dangers on the road surfaces (presence of water or poor grip) to the driver. 

Thanks to the 5G network’s ultra-high band and low latency, the information can be transmitted to the 5G roadway infrastructure, and then conveyed to other vehicles to warn of potential dangers ahead, through V2X technology. 


The Cyber Tyre is part of Pirelli’s larger “Perfect Fit” strategy, which focuses on developing products and services to meet the needs of carmakers and drivers utilising future-forward technologies. 

As part of the Perfect Fit line-up, Pirelli also shown-off its “Italia Track Adrenaline” line of sensor-fitted P Zero Trofeo tyres. These tyres include sensors to provide real time information such as tyre pressure and temperature, combined with telemetric data to improve the driver’s performance on track.


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