BMW Malaysia DC fast chargers now part of ChargEV – cheaper time-based rates, annual subscription required

The BMW i DC fast charging network that was set up at several of their dealerships nationwide since late last year are now part of the ChargEV network, BMW Group Malaysia announced through a press release yesterday.

The change was made to “ensure a fair and standardised experience for all users in Malaysia”, says the company. As before, the DC fast chargers will be open for public usage on a time-based pay-per-use system, although it now requires a ChargEV annual subscription, which costs RM240 per annum.

Customers will be able to pay for the charger usage directly via the ChargEV mobile application, in addition to other features such as remote charging start/stop, charger reservations, as well as remote monitoring of your vehicle’s charge status. AC chargers within the ChargEV network will also be free to use for subscribed members.

As for pricing, the now-standardised pay-per-use charging rates have essentially been halved as compared to the previous fees that were stipulated by the respective individual dealerships. The pricing breakdown is as follows, with preferential rates for BMW and Mini:

Charging speedPublicBMW/Mini owners
30 kW DCRM0.60/minRM0.40/min
45 kW and 60 kW DC (split from 90 and 120 kW)RM1.40/minRM1.00/min
75 kW DC (split from 150 kW)RM1.50/minRM1.20/min
90 kW DC (split from 180 kW)RM1.80/minRM1.40/min

The fee breakdown works out to between RM36-RM108 per hour (or RM24-RM84 for BMW/Mini owners), although pricing will roughly even out between the different chargers as faster charging speeds will result in lower charging times, provided that the higher speeds are supported by your electric vehicle.

Most of the BMW dealerships with DC fast chargers are now included in the ChargEV network, as listed in the table below, with the sole exception being Auto Bavaria’s dealerships. Regas Premium Auto’s 180 kW DC fast charger in Kuching (split to 2x 90kW) is also currently still being offered to EV users free-of-charge, despite being included in the ChargEV network.

BMW Group Malaysia Managing Director, Hans de Visser said, “We have long been working on fostering a viable ecosystem that is future-ready and one that electrified mobility can thrive in, knowing that the main roadblock to EV adoption remains to be range anxiety and a worry that there may not be enough charging facilities in place across the country.

“Through our many partnerships with local tech and EV industry leaders over the past few years, we have been able to continuously grow our network of charging facilities where the needs are highest. With an official pricing structure in place, we are taking the next step in the ever-maturing EV ecosystem in Malaysia, by endeavouring to provide fair and adequate access to these facilities for all EV users in Malaysia – regardless of make and model, as electrification remains a shared responsibility amongst automakers in solving climate change.”


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