BMW Malaysia unveils new DC Fast Chargers for public use – 180 kW, first location now open

In reaffirming its commitment to electrification, BMW Malaysia today unveiled the newly-installed DC Fast Chargers at Auto Bavaria Ara Damansara, the first of many that will be installed at BMW i dealers across the country.

The new DC Fast Chargers, alongside other BMW Rapid-Charging DC Chargers at selected dealerships nationwide, will be open for use to the public.

The DC Fast Chargers’ outputs are rated at 180 kW and features twin Combined Charging System (CCS) connectors, which means two cars can be charged at the same time from a single charger.

The 180 kW output is higher than the 150 kW supported by both the BMW iX and iX3 that have been launched in Malaysia, which means they’ll both be able to charge at full speed, taking approximately 30 minutes to reach an 80% SOC on both cars.

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Yes, your Hyundai Kona Electric will be allowed to use the new chargers too.

Commenting on the launch, BMW Group Malaysia Managing Director Hans de Visser said, “We have been driving the change towards electrification not only with our growing portfolio of electrified vehicles, but also by expanding the local charging infrastructure network across the country.

“We partnered with GreenTech Malaysia from the get-go to ensure a functioning ecosystem for electromobility to thrive in, and are continuing to deliver on that commitment alongside our network of dedicated dealers – not just for BMW and MINI owners, but for [all] electric vehicle owners in Malaysia,” he added.

“We are confident that this move will be mutually beneficial in ensuring charging infrastructures are more accessible across the country, and help alleviate the concerns of potential EV owners in Malaysia such as range anxiety.”

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Auto Bavaria Managing Director, Vi Thim Juan added, “Much like the BMW Group, we have long shared the belief that the future is electric, and we are honoured to be amongst the first dealerships to bring this vision into reality by installing the DC Fast Chargers on our premises for public use.”

“Our loyal customers will now also be able to visit our dealerships and receive the full Electric Ownership Experience, as we work in tandem with BMW Group Malaysia to accelerate the shift to electromobility in Malaysia.”


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