BMW promises playtime soon, all-new 2022 M2 coming later this year

BMW announced back in November last year that the all-new M2 will be unveiled sometime in 2022, but ever since then, it’s almost complete radio silence from the German carmaker. Well, that is, until now, as BMW has just published the first official teaser to the upcoming compact high-performance coupe, giving us a first taste of what to expect.

The short 35-second video, titled “The M2 is on its way, get ready for playtime”, features plenty of bright lights and action movie-esque shaky-cam driving shots, but not so much of the actual M2 itself.

The only few scenes with cars are dark and heavily obscured, too, but it seems that BMW didn’t even bother including the new car in the teaser at all. Squinting our eyes and looking closely, it seems that the car at around the 0:05 mark is the current, outgoing BMW M2, while for some reason BMW seems to also have included a Tesla Model S at 0:20 and 0:25. What?

Pretty sure that’s a Tesla Model S’ headlights…

At least, we won’t have to work too hard to guess how it’ll look, since it’ll be based heavily on the G42 BMW 2 Series Coupe that was unveiled last year. Expect widened and more muscular fenders here, and more aero surfaces, larger wheels and brakes, quad exhaust tips, and perhaps, even the massive nostril kidney grille as seen on the M3 and M4.

As for performance, we’re also expecting a similar recipe to that of the current M2/M2 Competition, which means a detuned version of the S58 3.0-litre twin-turbo inline-six engine, making around 450 hp with power sent to the rear wheels (probably).

The upcoming all-new 2022 M2 is also rumoured to be one of the last-ever “traditional” BMW with an inline-six, non-electrified engine, and a manual transmission. So the so-called “enthusiasts”, you know what to do.

That’s about all we know for now on the upcoming 2022 BMW M2, except that it’ll be built exclusively at the San Luis Potosí Plant in Mexico. What else is on your BMW M2 wishlist? Drop a comment below to let us know.



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