Video: Road trip in the GR Yaris, JCW Clubman & AMG A45S, with GitiSport S2 tyres!

It couldn’t have possibly gotten any better than this – three high performance hatchbacks, open roads, winding B-roads, and new tyres to shred. Recently, we went on a road trip with the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S 4MATIC, the MINI JCW Clubman, and one of the most loved cars within the AutoBuzz team, the GR Yaris.

Obviously it was all about fun, but we also had new performance by Giti, the GitiSport S2 to test, and while it may not be a household name like the Michelins and Goodyears that we’ve been used to (and comes at a premium), suffice to say, the more affordable GitiSport S2 tyres didn’t let up.

In short, with the three cars having very different characters, the German-engineered GitiSport S2 coped well with the JCW Clubman’s weight and load, with the AMG A 45’s brute performance, and the ballet-like agility of the GR Yaris really well. Granted, they may not be as superior as the Michelin PS4, the Bridgestone Potenza Sport or even the Goodyear Assymetric 5, but considering the costs, the GitiSport S2 is a rather close second.

With the new GitiSport S2 tyres, the rubber compound has been tweaked to make the tyres more durable and allow it to withstand higher temperatures. With a redesigned thread pattern, Giti says it has even shorter braking distance than before.

Giti said the tyre’s shoulders are stiffer for better cornering and more precise steering but even so, in the time that we drove on less than ideal road condition, it didn’t feel bumpy at all. The GitiSport S2 tyres also come with a curved design by the edges, which helps the tyre cut through water. As a result, Giti says aquaplaning resistance have been improved by 10% compared to before.

Just reading this wouldn’t do the tyres (and cars) and justice…so why don’t you check the video out and experience the fun we had!


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