The BMW M3’s M Performance exhaust still looks weird even in person

BMW has this weird addiction of introducing M Performance parts on all of their cars. Not just on the regular street-going cars, but also on the full-blown M models – and that includes the BMW M3 and M4 too.

It’s so common that we usually don’t bat an eye any more, but the new kit caused quite a kerfuffle online when it was unveiled back in October 2020, because of one particular element – the M Performance exhaust.

Image: BMW Blog

It’s not unusual for carmakers – especially supercar and hypercar brands – to toy with the exhaust exits, and if done right, they can look pretty good (see: McLaren 765 LT, basically all Pagani cars). But on a car that already looks so divisive, we think that a milder approach to the shiny tips would perhaps be the better choice – like what the stock M3 and M4 actually comes with.

In our opinion, the M Performance exhaust’s weird triangular layout just clashes too much with the M3/M4’s more “orthordox” lines (at least at the back), and well – these live photos courtesy of BMW Blog certainly backs us up.

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BMW brought along a BMW M3 to the 2022 Chicago Auto Show, fully decked out in M Performance parts including a whole lot of carbon fibre winglets and flics, a new carbon fibre decklid spoiler and front splitter, full M Division livery, and of course the aforementioned M Performance exhaust system.

Making things worse, because of its unique layout, opting for the M Performance exhaust also means that you’ll have to fork up for the carbon rear diffuser, which considerably adds up to the cost of the whole ordeal.

It’s certainly unique, but we’re still not sure it looks all that good – we do know for a fact that we won’t be shelling out the extra dough just for that. What do you think? Sound off in the comment section below.

[Images: BMW Blog]



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