Smart’s upcoming EV crossover is actually, literally, called the #1

Smart has never had a good track record in naming their cars – just look at the fortwo and forfour – but their latest might have just taken the cake once and for all, because it’s literally called #1. Yes, Smart #1, with the hashtag symbol.

In case you weren’t aware, Smart is going through a little bit of a renaissance at the moment, reinventing itself as a “premium all-electric automotive technology brand” following the joint venture agreement between Geely and Mercedes-Benz, who now co-own the brand.

The company has already previously unveiled the Concept #1 with a new design philosophy, but today’s announcement confirms that the hashtag will officially become the new naming convention for the brand’s new era of products, followed by a number much like many of the other electric vehicles in the market – including its sister brands Polestar and Zeekr.

Smart explains that the ‘#’ symbol is “often used to indicate the hottest topics in social media”, and is “evocative of trendsetting in the digital era”, which is why it’s fitting for the brand. Uh, okay, I guess.

“As the first product set to launch following the brand’s renewal, the smart #1 perfectly combines electric-drive technology and premium quality. I am convinced that the smart #1 will enthuse future customers in both China and Europe, setting new trends of urban mobility and co-creating powerful brand experiences wherever it will make an appearance,” said Smart Automobile VP of Global Sales, Marketing and After-Sales, Daniel Lescow.

The Smart #1 has recently completed a series of aerodynamic and winter tests, and the carmaker is quick to point out that the crossover EV measured a drag coefficient of just 0.29 Cd, which should help it achieve better driving range particularly on the highway.

Designed by the Mercedes-Benz global design team, Smart says that the #1 features a streamlined exterior that is also “a perfect balance of aesthetics and aerodynamics”, with many innovative devices such as concealed door handles, active grille shutter, and sleek shape all helping the electric crossover achieve said aerodynamic performance while still carrying the brand’s new “Sensual Producty” design philosophy.

The winter test also allowed Smart to test a couple of its smart (haha, get it) design features, including the ice-breaking function on the concealed door handles, as well as the battery temperature regulation system that can pre-heat the battery to ensure optimised charging speeds, as well as optimal working temperatures when driving.

Smart also says that the #1 will feature a robust ESP system from Bosch, which ensures that driving comfort, handling stability, and braking performance all remain in check even when the weather gets tricky.

“Thanks to the seamless cooperation between smart and the Mercedes-Benz design team, the smart #1 is a masterpiece of engineering,” said Smart Automobile VP of Research and Development, Yang Jun. “The pre-market test results also prove the outstanding quality, performance and reliability of the smart #1.”

The Smart #1 is due to make its official debut later this year. Closer to home, Proton has announced that it will be importing and distributing the new era of Smart EVs in Malaysia and Thailand via its distribution arm, Proton Edar.



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