This electric scooter is technically Bugatti’s first EV

A fully-electric Bugatti has been rumoured ever since the French hypercar maker joined forces with Rimac, but nobody expected it to be like this – with only two wheels. That’s because instead of a car, Bugatti has teamed up with Bytech International to unveil a basic electric scooter at CES this year.

Bugatti International Managing Director, Wiebke Stahl said that the electric scooter gives them “an opportunity to expand our reach in the electric mobility space”, while letting more consumers experience the brand. Why they didn’t want to maintain exclusivity of the Bugatti name is anyone’s guess. Anyway, we digress.

On the exterior, well… it’s a scooter, so obviously it’s never going to look like the Bolide or the Divo. But Bugatti did still give it a few unique touches to make it stand out from the sea of China-made electric scooters, like the curved tail lights at the back, as well as a unique curved magnesium alloy deck with LED illumination underneath.

Turn signals have also been included for safety, and there’s also a large LED screen pn the handlebar that displays the speed, riding mode, battery life, and light status. But of course, you’re buying a Bugatti electric scooter for the emblem in front – and as a bonus, you also get a rear-mounted light that projects Bugatti’s ‘EB’ logo onto the ground.

The scooter is powered by a 700 W motor, enough to bring it up to a top speed of 30 km/h (in Sport mode). No mention of its performance figures and acceleration times, but rest assured it’s not going to compete with the other Bugatti hypercars.

Cruise control comes as standard, and Bugatti says that the electric scooter is capable of riding up a 15-degree slope while carrying a rider of up to 110 kg in weight. There’s also a 360 Wh (without the k) battery, which Bugatti says is capable of providing up to 35 km of range. Recharging the the battery takes around four hours using a standard wall socket at home.

Bugatti did not mention when the scooter will go on sale or how much it’ll cost, but says that buyers will have three colours to choose from: Agile Blue, silver, and black.

[H/T: Electrek]



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