Honda Civic beats VW Golf GTI to be crowned Car of the Year in North America

The 11th generation Honda Civic is off to collect its first big accolade- the 2022 North America Car of the Year (NACOTY). The award that covers the United States and Canadian market also awards trucks and utility vehicles every year.

Made in the US and Canada, the latest Honda Civic hatchback and sedan models might have a less aggressive and ‘softer’ outlook, the judges were impressed by its driving dynamics and sensation behind the wheel, frequently chanting ‘fun to drive’. This year, jurors had the choice between three very different cars.

The Honda Civic brings newfound refinement to the iconic compact car, while Volkswagen has emphasised fun-driving performance with the Golf GTI and Golf R Mk 8. Then there’s the Lucid Air – a vehicle many of our jurors have said is a truly game-changing luxury electric car. Five other cars were knocked out after the semi-final round.

The experience in the Lucid Air was a breath of fresh air for many jurors, scoring 170 points compared to the Volkswagen Golf with only 89 points. The Honda Civic secured its win with a total of 241 points.

Both the Honda Civic and Volkswagen Golf GTI models have already been previewed to the motoring media in Malaysia, with the Civic slated for launch very soon, judging from the whispers amongst fans.

With trucks and utility vehicles a big part of the North American motoring landscape, plenty of attention are paid to the vehicles in this category. The Ford Bronco, a direct competitor to the Jeep Wrangler, won its Utility category with ease with 234 points. The fully electric Hyundai Ioniq 5 managed to edge ahead of the Genesis GV70 by just 40 points at 153 points.

Meanwhile, the 2022 North America Truck of the Year goes to the compact Ford Maverick. This edition also sees finalists that are unheard of in the truck segment- the fully electric Rivian R1T and the Tucson-based Hyundai Santa Cruz.

The Ford Maverick ran away with the votes, scoring a massive 277 points compared to just 97 in the similar-concept Hyundai Santa Cruz. Jurors were impressed nonetheless by the broad capabilities of these crossover-based trucks and invigorating the smaller pick-up truck segment.

Founded in 1994, these awards are the longest-running new-vehicle awards not associated with a single publication. They are judged by 50 professional automotive journalists from a wide variety of print, online, radio and television media outlets in the United States and Canada.   


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