Little known Lucid Air EV has the furthest range of 837 km and 933 hp!

Lucid Air has been bold in announcing that one of the key features in their vehicles is the extra-long travelling range, as much as 830 km on a single charge. The US EPA that performs fuel consumption tests for all new vehicles has finally certified that the Lucid Air is the longest-range electric vehicle (EV) the agency has ever rated with a range of 837 km (520 miles).  

Out of the six high-performance variants tested by the EPA, the minimum range is 726 km that was achieved by the 1,111 hp Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance fitted with 21-inch wheels. The aptly named Lucid Air Dream Edition Range with 933 hp delivers 63 km less than the 837-km rating when equipped with wheel sizes two inches larger to 21 inches.

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The Lucid Air Grand Touring with “just” 800 hp meanwhile delivers between 754 km to 830 km of range and as such, all high-performance Lucid Air models travel further than EV poster child, Tesla Motor, with the Model S Long Range Plus rated to deliver 652 km.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic Ocean, the recently-launched Mercedes-Benz’ EQS sedan has a variant configured to deliver up to 770 km of range under the WLTP standard.

Lucid recently completed a real-world first drive with featuring a pair of Dream Edition Range cars to support the official EPA range ratings. A journalist from and Lucid’s CEO drove separate cars on a 660-km journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco at highway speeds and then across the San Francisco Bay to Lucid’s global headquarters, all without stopping to charge and with plenty of range remaining on each vehicle.

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Lucid Motors’ CEO, Peter Rawlinson, said the achievement is a strong testament to the company’s in-house EV technology that consists of a 900-volt architecture, proprietary battery architecture, miniaturised drive units and not an oversized battery pack. Lucid Motors has its battery cells manufactured by LG Chem.

Apart from going further, Lucid Motors’ technology also allows ultra-fast charging with a 20-minute charge time replenishing a range of 482 km (300 miles). As for straight-line performance, the 1,111 hp luxury sedan completes the “zero to 60” (0 to 96 km/h) in just 2.5 seconds and reach the ‘quarter mile’ (0 to 400 metres) in under 10 seconds.

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The record for the fastest accelerating EV is the Rimac Nevera, completing the ‘quarter mile’ in just 8.58 seconds with nearly double the energy output.



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