Volvo to introduce Ride Pilot, an unsupervised self-driving feature in California

Volvo Cars will introduce its unsupervised autonomous driving feature, Ride Pilot, for the first time to its customers in California, USA.

The Ride Pilot feature will make its debut in the next generation of Volvo electric cars with the aim to free up more time for customers and make driving a Volvo more convenient. Well, if it really works, it’ll be the most convenient mode of transportation known to man.

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Left: The Volvo Recharge Concept.

Volvo clarified that once it’s verified to be safe for use on highways, the Ride Pilot will be available as an “add-on subscription” in the company’s upcoming electric SUV. The new flagship SUV – which is likely based on the Volvo Recharge Concept revealed last year in July, is set to be revealed later this year.

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The Volvo Recharge Concept – a hint of what the new XC90 SUV could look like.

As part of the testing process, Volvo Cars will deploy the autonomous driving features on roads in Sweden together with autonomous driving software company Zenseact. By mid this year, testing of the Ride Pilot feature will begin on the roads of California where traffic conditions, climate and regulations offers the best platform to introduce self-driving cars.

The self-driving software by Zenseact will work hand-in-hand with more than two dozen sensors including Luminar’s LiDAR sensor. Luminar’s LiDAR sensor will complement five radars, eight cameras and 16 ultrasonic sensors in Volvo Cars’ upcoming fully electric SUV. This set-up will provide excellent vision and perception reliability.

Following its introduction in California, the company aims to eventually roll out the Ride Pilot feature in other markets and regions around the world.

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