BMW’s new colour-changing “paint job” tech is as weird as it sounds

Ever seen those “chameleon” vinyl wraps that seemingly changes colour depending on how you’re looking at it? Well, BMW has taken the idea to even greater (weirder?) heights with a new paint technology that is able to change its colour just by a touch of a button. Yup, we’ve officially entered the sci-fi era of cars.

The concept will officially be unveiled at 3.00 am tomorrow (Malaysian time) as part of BMW’s CES 2022 line-up, but demo cars based on the iX have already been filmed on-site outside the Las Vegas Convention Centre – and yes, it’s as mind-boggling as it sounds like.

A video published by Twitter user Out of Spec Studios shows a BMW iX that was initially grey in colour, but switches to white almost instantaneously. The colour-changing car then goes through a “show-off” mode, where the initial grey colour “moves” through the bodywork from front to back, almost as if it was projected by a grey-coloured light beam.

The same demo-prepped BMW iX was also seen in The Kilowatts‘ TikTok video, and as the natural sunlight and reflections shifts as the car moves, a web-like grid of triangles can be seen faintly underneath the grey “paint job”.

We presume that’s the tech itself, but we’ll wait for BMW to (hopefully) explain it tonight. The Twitter post does mention however that the cars are apparently “very temperature sensitive”, so BMW has also prepped a back-up car in case the one seen in the video gets too hot or too cold.


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