Nissan Motor Corporation has announced plans to establish a new company by April 2022, that combines the expertise of Autech and Nissan Motorsports International or more famously known as NISMO.

The move aims to utilise Autech’s know-how in developeing and manufacturing customised vehicles while NISMO’s international recognition through motorsports. Nissan said the new company will be an important strategic subsidiary that is expected to contribute to Nissan’s growth.

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Autech was established in 1986 and has since been known for the development, production, and sales of converted Nissan vehicles. NISMO on the other hand has been heavily involved in domestic and international racing activities, vehicle modifications and upgrades, design and development of race cars since 1984.

The new company is expected to provide 600 new jobs and will focus on vehicle conversions, the development of parts and accessories, and motorsports.

Nissan Almera Autech in Thailand.

Nissan, CEO, Ashwani Gupta said, “Autech, with its wide range of expertise, is a pioneer of customised vehicles. As for NISMO, it is a symbol of the spirit of challenge in Nissan cars. We are confident that the integration of these two companies will bring us even closer to the pinnacle of exciting mobility we are aiming for.

Autech and NISMO, CEO, Takao Katagiri said, “Both Autech and NISMO have more than 30 years of experience and strong solid and wide fan base. By connecting the high aspirations of our employees and advanced craftsmanship for the future, we aim to reach ever greater heights as a presence loved and supported by customers.”

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