Nissan introduces the AUTECH lineup in Japan – bring it to Malaysia!

Nissan announced that it would expand its series of “AUTECH-enhanced” vehicles in Japan beginning with the unveiling of the new Serena AUTECH minivan.

The new brand will co-exist with Nissan’s existing NISMO sub-brand. While NISMO cars draws from Nissan’s motorsports DNA, AUTECH will emphasise on premium craftsmanship, with the use of top quality materials and immaculate attention to detail.

Nissan recently announced plans to expand its range of NISMO road cars which has already been extended, obviously, to the GT-R, Fairlady and even the March. On top of that, there’s even a Nissan Serena NISMO launched just recently. Like NISMO, the AUTECH extensions will be rolled out based on Nissan’s model lineup.

Nissan has also introduced the NISMO Heritage programme which will support owners of Nissan performance cars by offering new replacement parts for some of its heritage models – beginning with the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR.


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