Koenigsegg kicks off the new year with new hypercar teaser

New Year’s celebrations usually involve some sort of fireworks display, and it’s no different for Koenigsegg – except they have a slightly different definition for “fireworks”. Starting off the new year with a bang, Koenigsegg has whipped out a teaser image for a new hypercar on its social media channels, ahead of a full reveal sometime later this year.

The shadowy image was accompanied by a caption that read: “Dear 2022, here’s our New Year’s resolution – More ultimate performance through clever engineering and optimal design. Here we go!”

When it comes to darkened images like these, you best bet we tried to brighten up the photo to hopefully pick out a few more details. But unfortunately for this one, there aren’t anything else left for us to see in the shadows.

But still, the teaser image does show off some pretty important features, including the signature Koenigsegg silhouette with a strong belt line, wrap-around windscreen, and a teardrop-shaped canopy.

Uniquely, though, the tail lights at the rear protrude outwards instead of the recessed design as seen on most modern Koenigsegg models, making it somewhat reminiscent of the CCX – the marque’s first model to feature an in-house developed engine.

The front, especially the splitter, looks like a callback to both the CCX and CCR models, while the subtle rear diffuser at the back reminds us of the Agera; a hodgepodge of Koenigsegg’s iconic design elements, but in a good way (we hope!).

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But what exactly is this car supposed to be? Well, your guesses are as good as ours. Although, 2022 does mark the 20-year anniversary for the company’s first production model – the CC8S, so we won’t be surprised if the Swedish supercar maker is working on a special anniversary model to celebrate. Take that with a giant pinch of the finest sea salt, though.

Whatever it is, We’ll likely hear more about it from Koenigsegg soon!


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