The Koenigsegg Gemera is a 1,700 hp “family car” for four

Koenigsegg, the Swedish carmaker that makes ultra-fast and ultra-limited “megacars” such as the Regera and Jesko, has just made a four-seater family car. It’s called the Gemera, and of course being Koenigsegg, it’s not just any regular family car.

Koenigsegg founder and CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg says, “The Gemera is a completely new category of car where extreme megacar meets spacious interior and ultimate environmental consciousness. We call it a Mega-GT.”

And just how “Mega” is it? Well, just let the numbers do the talking – 1700 hp, 3500 Nm of torque, 0 to 100 km/h in 1.9 seconds, onward to a Vmax of 400 km/h. ‘Bonkers’ or ‘insane’ might be better words here.

Power comes from a electrified drivetrain – 600 hp and 600 Nm from a two-litre three-cylinder twin-turbo Freevalve engine, named “The Friendly Giant”, mounted behind the passengers midship, with power sent to the front wheels.

The rest of the power output comes from three electric motors – one for each rear wheel and one on the crankshaft of the engine, providing 1,100 hp simultaneously, or 1,400 hp when counted individually.

The three motors can drive the Gemera silently all the way up to 300 km/h, and the 800V battery gives the “Mega-GT” a pure-electric range of up to 50 km.

To help you with all that grunt, the Koenigsegg Gemera comes with all-wheel steering and all-wheel torque vectoring to help with low-speed maneuvering, cornering, as well as high-speed stability.

Despite having a long wheelbase of 3,000 mm, the all-wheel steering gives the Gemera “corners with agility and can achieve a turning radius only seen in smaller cars”, according to Koenigsegg at least.

While the performance is frankly mind-boggling, Koenigsegg doesn’t want you to just focus on that either. Above all else, the Swedish carmaker says that the Mega-GT experience is meant to be “shared with family and friends”, fitting four adults and their carry-on luggage for “family trips, in comfort, style and safety”.

To do that, the Gemera comes with a surprisingly functional and plush interior, with no discount on equipment. All your regular family needs are here, including four individually heated memory foam seats, front and rear seat central 13-inch infotainment displays with front and rear wireless chargers, eight cup holders (four cooled and four heated), Apple CarPlay, 11-speaker sound system, tri-zone climate control, ISOFIX mounts on both rear seats, and even on board internet and Wi-Fi.

Sure, there are only two doors, but the “Koenigsegg Automated Twisted Synchrohelix Actuation Doors” or KATSAD is specifically made extra long, along with the absence of the B-Pillar, to make ingress and egress effortless for both front and rear passengers.

As for safety, the carbon fiber monocoque is fitted with six airbags, side- and rear-view cameras, stability control, TC, ABS, as well as an “ADAS 2.5” advance driver assistance system.

Of course, the very competent and very fast family car will definitely not come cheap – Koenigsegg didn’t even bother mentioning the price in the press document for us mere mortals.

However, with only 300 units to be produced, those who can afford should definitely snap one up, quick.



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