Ken Block’s Christmas and birthday is the Audi S1 Hoonitron!

With a world-famous drifter joining the Audi Sport family for a new phase of challenges, it didn’t take long to see a new Hoonigan vehicle being developed. Fully electric, Audi has just presented Ken Block with the S1 Hoonitron.

Described as not only an incredibly talented driver, ‘Drift Artist’ Ken Block, who joined Audi Sport in September, will be piloting the exclusive and unique one-of-a-kind fully electric ‘Hooning’ machine in new videos scheduled to be out within the next few months under the working title ‘Elektrikhana’. “The collaboration with Audi is a very special partnership for me. The brand and its passion for motorsport motivated me to get into rallying,” said Ken Block.

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“That Audi has now developed this car for me and my team, and has joined us in our next project, has made a dream come true for me. The Hoonitron is writing the next chapter in our history and taking our Gymkhana story into the future,” added Block, who turned 54 a few weeks ago.  

Ford holds the honour of the first drifting production electric car- the Mustang Mach-E 1400!  

Not much has been shared on the Hoonitron, apart from having all-wheel drive traction thanks to the fitment of a powerful electric motor in each of the axles and a chassis made from carbon fibre materials. The design team, led by Marc Lichte was thrilled, as they had an opportunity to develop a modern, all-electric interpretation of the 600-hp Audi S1 that triumphed at the 1987 Pikes Peak Hillclimb.  

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As expected, more detail about the S1 Hoonitron will be made available as we enter 2022 and enthusiasts are definitely looking forward to the high quality as well as creativity of the Gymkhana series.



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