Bugatti launches new personalisation division with bespoke Chiron Pur Sport “Grand Prix”

Surprise, surprise: ultrarich people want exclusive things. While Bugatti always offered a degree of customisation to all of their cars, it’s never reached the levels of personalisation like say, Aston Martin’s Q or Bentley’s Mulliner programme.

Obviously, not wanting to let their customers slip away to the other brands, the French ultra-luxury hypercar maker has now unveiled a new “Sur Mesure” customisation division that promises to offer “never-before-seen levels of personalisation” for the marque.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, Sur Mesure translates to “tailored” – how apt.

Customers who choose to customise their cars through the Sur Mesure programme will have a special team under their disposal to help with the creation of their very own “unique piece of personalised automotive art”.

Bugatti also says that they’ll be given “the full Molsheim experience” which, as expected, involves many visits to the Mosheim factory between conceptualising the initial design to the final handover.

To kick things off, the Sur Mesure division has unveiled a bespoke special design based on the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, called “Grand Prix”. And as the name suggests, it takes inspiration from the “20th century heroics of renowned racing driver, Louis Chiron”.

The hand-painted ’32’ lettering on the doors is a nod to the Type 51 racecar which was driven to victory at the 1931 French Grand Prix by Louis Chiron and Achille Varzi, and the unique two-tone light blue and black exterior paint work also comes from race cars of the ’20s and ’30s.

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Look even closer, and you’ll notice that even the red decals are not just stickered-on – they are intricately hand-painted, and the soft “fade” is actually made of the ‘EB’ pattern that’s spaced out in varying distances to create the unique effect! According to Bugatti, the hand-painting process required new techniques to be developed by the Sur Mesure team.

The EB pattern is repeated inside on the door panels, while the centre console gets a special black anodised aluminium inlay, with a silver hand-painted “Grand Prix” inscription. There’s also plenty of Alcántara suede all around the cabin, offset by red accents on the dashboard and upholstery.

The new Chiron Pur Sport “Grand Prix” is far from the first “bespoke” model that Bugatti has ever created. Just this year, a customer has already commissioned a special one-off “ladybug” specification for the Bugatti Divo, which took them 18 months to complete. And heck – we’ve even featured the “Hermes Edition” Chiron here on our site last year!

“For many years, we have worked with our clients to create their own personal vision of the ultimate hyper sports car. It has always been a highly tailored process, but as an ever-increasing number of our clients request detailed and intricate customization, the launch of Bugatti Sur Mesure will ensure we can cater to their desires with the perfect level of detail required from a Bugatti,” said Bugatti Managing Director for Sales and Marketing, Hendrik Malinowski.

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“Our clients are often deeply intrigued by Bugatti’s motorsport lineage, and it’s fitting that the first Sur Mesure commission should pay homage to one of our great racing icons. We’re so taken with this creation that we intend to make many of this customer’s ideas available to more of our clients with the Chiron Pur Sport.”



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