You’ve not experienced exclusivity until you own a one-off Hermes Edition Bugatti Chiron

For most of us, the thought of owning a Bugatti Chiron (which is limited to 500 units to be ever produced, by the way) already seems like a pipe dream. But for the elite few, a 2.5 million Euros Chiron is just too common-man.

Introducing Manny Khoshbin, a real estate mogul and renowned car collector. When Bugatti announced the Veyron replacement, Khoshbin knew he wanted something more unique – so much so that he turned down an offer for the 30-unit limited-run Chiron Super Sport 300+.

Because of his passion for the French luxury brand, Khoshbin reached out to Hermes and Bugatti to create the one-of-one exclusive commission piece – Hermes Edition Bugatti Chiron.

The Hermes Edition Bugatti Chiron took three years to build, according to Car and Driver. The design was first conceived in 2016 by Hermes, but Khoshbin didn’t want to settle for an ordinary paint job – and took three years to finally settle on the exquisite Hermes Craie

The one-of-one Hermes Edition is not just a cream-coloured Chiron either. The horseshoe grille is made up of the Hermes H’s, and the Hermes Courbettes horse pattern is painted on the underside of the rear wing. The special-edition Chiron also gets a fully-painted rear bumper, something not available on “regular” Chirons. 

The cabin of the Hermes Edition Bugatti Chiron is also a sea of cream, offset by cashmere fabric, featuring the iconic horse pattern. The centre console is also engraved with a “dressed by Hermes” badge, in French, along with other numerous one-of-one badges throughout the car to remind you how special you are. 

The special-edition Chiron also came with a whole stack of Hermes goods, including a Birkin bag, made out of the same leather used in the interior, as well as a larger suitcase that is supposed to fit in the froot.

Manny Khoshbin never revealed how much the Hermes Edition Bugatti Chiron actually costs, but seeing that the Sky View glass roof costs more than a Porsche Macan, it’s safe to assume that the final price of the car would be a number most of us will never see in our bank accounts.

The Hermes Edition Bugatti Chiron is not the first time the two brands collaborated – their partnership dates all the way back to the 1920s. Likewise, this car isn’t Manny Khoshbin’s first Hermes special edition car either – in his garage also sits the one-off Hermes Pagani Huayra.



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