The Porsche Vision Gran Turismo concept for GT7 is more important than you think

If you’ve been around the block for the past few years, you would’ve already heard about the Vision Gran Turismo range of concept cars that have been “developed” for the Gran Turismo video game series on the PlayStation.

And if so, you would also know that they are usually nothing more than just a fun design exercise, imagining what might be possible in the future of the automotive landscape, even if that means straying away from reality just a little bit. Although, to be fair, that’s the case sometimes for other concept cars too.

But according to Porsche, their latest Vision GT concept is “more than just a gaming fantasy”. Specifically, the new Porsche Vision GT is also supposed to be a preview for its future electric models – at least in design.

Porsche AG Director of Exterior Design, Peter Varga, said: “It is a realistic look into the future that will definitely help us with development in the years ahead.”

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Supposedly designed by a group of Porsche designers who grew up playing the Gran Turismo games, the new Vision GT features several iconic Porsche design elements, but made “future oriented”. That includes its proportions, with an “especially sporty” height-to-width ratio, a low-set bonnet, and pronounced wings.

Other exterior highlights include the quad-segmented headlights with integrated air intakes in front, a design that was inspired by the Taycan – a visual link to Porsche’s first EV. The slim light strip tail lights at the back, meanwhile, are an evolutionary version of that on the 911 and Taycan models.

As a concept – and especially one that exists only in virtual form – Porsche isn’t restricted to any sort of regulations or laws in terms of design. That’s why the concept is also devoid of any actual doors (the occupants climb in from the massive canopy roof) nor mirrors.

Inside, the stripped-back interior is highlighted by a curved hologram display behind the steering “wheel”. And although the car will never be made in real life, Porsche spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about its material choices to “reduce weight while increasing performance”, apparently. Someone tell Porsche they can just choose in any figure they want without having to actually make any sense; it’s a game, after all.

Anyway, the German sportscar manufacturer has chosen carbon and titanium for the interior, both known to be strong and lightweight and is commonplace in most high-performance hypercars. Porsche also specifically mentions that the entire interior will be vegan, too.

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Porsche remains coy about any sort of technical information on the Vision Gran Turismo’s powertrain, but you’ll be able to try it out for yourself in Gran Turismo 7 next year – provided that you have a PlayStation 4 or 5. For now, enjoy the pictures below!



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