The Road Transport Department (JPJ) will implement the Ops ‘Sedar’ (aware) from Wednesday, November 24th, after an observation on road users lacking one vital document- insurance coverage!

The Ops ‘Sedar’ involves the monitoring and enforcement of road users via roadblocks (sekatan jalan raya or SJR) and will be implemented around the country to nab offenders as insurance coverage is required by the law as stipulated in the Road Transport Act 1987.

Source: Twitter/JPJ

The minimum coverage that the majority of the insurance companies provide is the ‘Third Party’ cover, insuring the vehicle owner against claims for bodily injuries or deaths caused to the other persons (known as the third party), as well as loss or damage to third party property caused by the said owner’s vehicle.

Simply put, it covers the damages of the property or other vehicles a driver caused, but does not cover the damages to his or her own vehicle, responsibly protecting innocent bystanders and road users.

It is reported (in other portals) that driving without a valid insurance coverage can be convicted with a fine of RM 1,000 or a jail time of three months or both under Section 90 (1), Road Transport Act 1987. The offender will also be ‘Blacklisted’ from renewing their driving licence until the court case has been completed.

The JPJ thus remind all road users to be responsible and renew their expired road tax and driving licences before the end of the year, a deadline that was extended by the Ministry of Transport announced in September. A valid insurance coverage is also a must, as mentioned earlier.

Check out the respective state’s JPJ Facebook page on the availability of the Mobile Counters

All JPJ and Pos Malaysia counters are open for such renewals and can also be done at selected Puspakom centres as well as online via mySikap JPJ portal as well as MyEG.

As of now, the JPJ said it has not received any direction on the extension of the expiry date for both the road tax and driving licence.