The Ora Good Cat starts purring in Thailand, up to 500 km range

With such a memorable and catchy name, it certainly gained our attention as one of the easiest names to recall from the hundreds of EV brands in China. Introduced as “the most interesting EV brand”, the Ora Good Cat by Great Wall Motor (GWM) has finally been officially launched in Thailand, only the second market in the world.

The Ora brand (pronounced O-ra, inspired by the last name of world-famous mathematician/physicist Leonhard Euler) is GWM’s first battery electric vehicle (BEV) sub-brand and has also set up a facility in Rayong, Thailand to penetrate the Asia Pacific region.

This Ora Good Cat (translated literally from the Chinese characters 欧拉好猫) is offered in three variants, priced from THB989,000 (approx. RM123k) to THB1,199,000 (approx. RM149k).

Dimensionally, the Ora Good Cat is about the same size as a Volkswagen Golf Mk.7, measuring 4.235 m in length and 1.825 m wide. Built on GWM’s latest EV platform called Lemon, the Ora Good Cat has its motor placed in front, while the battery pack sits between the 2.65 m wheelbase. A simple space-saving torsion beam axle provides suspension for the rear.

Power outputs are modest, with the electric motor churning out 143 hp and 210 Nm of torque across all three variants. With the standard 47.8 kWh battery pack, the range is 400 km under the more optimistic NEDC/R101 cycle. The range-topping Ora Good Cat 500 Ultra meanwhile promises up to 500 km of driving range thanks to a larger 63.1 kWh battery pack, both from CATL, one of the world’s leading EV battery makers.

GWM quotes a charging time of 40 minutes to top up the larger battery pack from 30% to 80% level, with the smaller battery requiring 8 minutes less via a DC fast charger, while its 10 and eight hours respectively via a home charger.

Standard features in the Ora Good Cat include circular LED headlamps, a unique full-width LED tail lamp strip, 17-inch wheels with covers, fabric seats, seven-inch drivers instrument display paired with a 10.25-inch central infotainment display, automatic air-conditioning system with PM2.5 filtration and connected vehicle features via smartphone plus firmware-over-the-air updates.

Meanwhile, the mid-range Ora Good Cat 400 KM Pro gets larger 18-inch wheels, panoramic moonroof, two-tone exterior paintwork, faux leather seats, wireless smartphone charger and ADAS such as adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist, autonomous emergency braking, 360-degree parking camera system and six airbags.

The range-topping Ora Good Cat 500 Ultra meanwhile adds intelligent LED headlamps with welcome lighting effect, intelligent parking, lane change assistant, emergency lane keeping with rear monitoring and braking system, various interior colour themes and driver’s seat with memory and massage functions.           

There is even an Ora Good Cat GT available in China, where the model’s sporty name implies, adds red-painted brake calipers, sportier bumper designs, extended wheel arches and a sporty red interior.

Based on certification documents, the Ora Good Gat is currently imported from GWM’s Taizhou facility in China. Other Ora models in its home market include the Black Cat compact hatchback, the more spacious, taller body White Cat and the flagship iQ SUV.

In Malaysia, Great Wall Motor’s products are represented by Go Auto Group of Companies which brought in a range of Haval SUVs. They also have an assembly facility in Gurun, Kedah.



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