Lexus Malaysia returns as the official sponsor of this year’s Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) after beginning their partnership in 2019.

The annual event, lasting five days, brings together fashion collections from Malaysian designers with buyers, the press and the general public.

In reaffirming Lexus’s continued commitment to supporting Malaysia’s fashion industry, Deputy Chairman of Lexus Malaysia, Akio Takeyama said, “Events in the previous year have made it abundantly clear how central the human connection is to excellence in design, be that in automotive technology or fashion. As a leading luxury brand that creates amazing experiences through empathy, a keen eye for detail and superior craftsmanship, Lexus is proud to once again partner this prestigious event in showcasing innovative and captivating designs.”

Guests to the KLFW 2021 will also be pampered with Lexus’ signature hospitality as they are chauffeur driven in models such as the ES, the RX and perhaps even the latest Lexus LM.  

To celebrate the event with greater visual impact, Lexus will be showcasing the Lexus UX and the Lexus LC 500 Convertible in Pavilion KL from November 3rd to 7th.

Apart from gorgeous looks and an exquisite cabin, the Lexus LC 500 Convertible also sings the sportiest exhaust roar! Enjoy it here as GC shows who’s the boss in our Drag Series.

Mr. Andrew Tan, founder of the KLFW, with the Lexus UX 200

In addition to that, Lexus is also presenting for the first time the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Awards in conjunction with KLFW. With award categories including Brand of the Year, Outstanding Achievement, Fashion Icon of the Year and Most Sustainable Brand, the event will honour 30 Malaysian designers in an evening of glamour, style and excellence.

“Creative expression is integral to our identity as humans and Lexus has always shared a synergy with the world of arts and design,” said President, Lexus Malaysia, Ravindran K. “In the vein of our very own Lexus Design Award, the KL Fashion Awards will not only recognise the resilience and innovation displayed by these fashion designers in the previous year, but also serve as a platform to highlight undiscovered talents.”

The Lexus UX 200 is currently the most accessible product into the Lexus Experience. Find out more about the amazing interior and drive in our review here.

Regular news, information and updates on the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2021 can be found on Lexus Malaysia Facebook page, the KLFW Facebook page as well as Instagram page.