BMW dealership in Kuching welcomes an ultra-rare BMW 700 Coupé

Regas Premium Auto in Sarawak has recently welcomed the arrival of a classic, the BMW 700 Coupé. The rare Coupé was brought in to officiate the ‘Auto Heritage’ section of its flagship dealership in Kuching.

The BMW 700 Coupé is the brainchild of Wolfgang Denzel who was an automotive engineer and a distributor of BMW vehicles in Austria. Together with Italian auto designer Giovanni Michelotti, they came up with the 700 Coupé based on the BMW 600.

Such was the design that the 700 Coupé was referred to as ‘todschick‘ (German for seriously cool) back in its day. The earlier models had 32 hp from a 700 cc air-cooled, boxer engine mounted at the rear like a Porsche 911. Top speed was rated at about 125 km/h.

The more powerful “Sport” model made 40 hp, with top speed increased to 135 km/h. Production of the 700 Coupé spanned between 1959 and 1964, with over 188,000 units produced.

Andy Phe Photography ©

Regas Premium Auto Kuching, Dealer Principal, Gavin Tay said, “The BMW 700 Coupé is a timeless classic from the history of the BMW Group, and we are thrilled to be able to showcase this remarkable vehicle here at Regas Premium Auto.”

“The BMW 700 Coupé features the brand’s first monocoque construction, and it helped drive BMW out from near bankruptcy in 1959. In turn, this model created a legacy in the automotive world for small, sporty premium vehicles that continues to be well-loved by many BMW enthusiasts, even after 50 years since it was last in production,” he added.

The BMW 700 Coupé is available for public viewing, exclusively at the Heritage section of Regas Premium Auto Kuching. Call 082-467777 or go online to schedule a visit!



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