This scale-model Aston Martin DB5 comes with gadgets from Bond movies!  

One of the key enjoyments to many James Bond movies is the clever disguise of gadgets in everyday items. As for travelling around, Mr Bond’s vehicle from MI6 also come with additional firepower to escape from the pursuers.

Inspired by the 25th James Bond action thriller film, The Little Car Company (TLLC) together with Aston Martin and EON Productions have released a ‘No Time To Die’ special edition Aston Martin DB5 Junior.

Similar to the initial two-thirds scale fully electric Aston Martin DB5 Junior introduced by TLLC a year ago, this gadget-laden special edition is also finished in the iconic Silver Birch paintwork and fitted with Smiths instruments. TLLC and Chris Corbould OBE, the Oscar-winning special effects supervisor who has worked on 15 James Bond films, was consulted to develop the scale model’s complex gadgets.

The iconic machine guns, now popping out from the headlamps, have been accurately reproduced and even masterfully mechanised via a switch panel hidden in the passenger’s door. Visual and audio effects accompany the operation of the guns.

The next gadget to escape other drivers, perhaps in pursuit by a similar-sized Ferrari Testa Rossa J, is the smokescreen, when at a press of a button, safely generated ‘smoke’ is ejected through the Aston Martin DB5 Junior’s ‘exhaust’ port.

To fully recreate the action scene from the movie, a ‘skid’ mode allows drivers to perform ‘donuts’ or circular burnouts. A digital LED panel is placed at the license plate section to allow the freedom to project any license plate as well as messages one desires.  

In true Bond style, the special edition boasts even greater power (21 hp) and range over the standard DB5 Vantage Junior. The makers said that while the movie features an Aston Martin DB5 coupe, the scale model uses a convertible to allow seating for an adult and a child side by side with batteries that can allow driving for up to 129 km (80 miles).

The DB5 model is so significant in Aston Martin’s history, it is used as the vehicle icon inside the DBX’s digital instrument panel! Learn more about it here!

A quick-release steering wheel allows for a speedy entry and exit for the driver, and when the need to stop in a hurry, he or she can rely on both regenerative braking and high-performance Brembo disc brakes. Bilstein dampers and coilover springs make sure the suspension can handle the performance squeezed into this two-thirds scale marvel.

Only 125 units of the Aston Martin DB5 Junior ‘No Time To Die’ edition will be built and is priced from GBP90,000 (approx. RM516k). That is even pricier than the latest Lotus Emira V6 First Edition and double the standard DB5 Junior!

The ‘No Time To Die’ movie is scheduled for premiere in Malaysia on September 30th. Check out your favourite cinema chain for showtimes as well as various additional sensory-enhancing viewing experiences.  

Aston Martin has made quite a headlines in the state of Johor! The Johor Southern Tigers football club and Aston Martin have inked a partnership. More information here!


The Aston Martin DB5 Junior ‘No Time To Die’ Edition

The Aston Martin DB5 Junior by TLLC


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