Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG – The G-Wagen is finally going electric!

We’ve all heard about the rumours of a fully-electric G-Class for quite some time already, and where’s there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. In this case, Mercedes-Benz’s has finally unveiled their ‘fire’ in the form of the Concept EQG – a “near-production” version of the upcoming EQG that serves as a preview of what an electric G-Wagen will look like.

And well, it looks like a G-Class all right. The similarities aren’t just skin-deep either; purists will be happy to know that despite the new electric powertrain, the Concept EQG is also built upon a ladder frame platform, and rides on independent suspension in front with a solid axle at the rear – which means it’ll be just as rugged as the current G-Class.

Of course, this being an all-new EQ model, it’s not going to be “just another” G-Class either. On top of the iconic boxy silhouette, Mercedes-Benz has also incorporated many of the signature design touches onto the Concept EQG, including the illuminated covered “grille” up front, and the two-tone paint job on the outside separating the top and bottom halves of the car.

There’s also a lot of LED lighting fixtures on the Concept EQG, including a halo-like surround on the black panel grille, a light-bar fixture on the roof rack, and even incorporated into the protective strip all around the electric G-Wagen.

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White LED lights also surround what looks like a spare tyre carrier at the rear, but it’s actually a storage box that pays homage to the traditional G-Class in appearance – instead of tyres, it stores other items such as the car’s charging cables.

Tying up the external design changes are the unique 22-inch wheels on all four corners, giving the entire Concept EQG a very 90s “Back to the Future” sci-fi vibe as Mercedes-Benz clearly wants you to believe, judging by the press materials they’ve provided.

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As the Concept EQG is still under active development, Mercedes is still keeping mum on the model’s performance capabilities underneath the bonnet. However, they did say that it’ll have four independently-operated electric motors, capable of providing “enormous pulling power and controllability”.

Off-road fans need not worry, too, as the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG features a shiftable two-speed gearbox that can essentially function as a crawler gear for trickier off-road situations. According to Mercedes, the Concept EQG also boasts a climbing capacity of “up to 100%” on suitable ground, much like its conventionally-driven brethens.

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And to prove its off-roading mettle, the German carmaker will be taking the fully-electric Concept EQG up to the legendary off-roading test track on the 1,445-metre high Schöckl mountain in Graz nearer to the end of its development – a route that’s been regarded in the international off-road scene as one of the “world’s greatest challenges for man and technology”, featuring gradients of up to 60 degrees.

There’s no official release timeframe as yet, though looking at how “production ready” the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG already looks, we suspect that there’s not much longer to wait until we can finally see the electric G-Wagen on the roads.



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