After previously announcing that road tax and driver’s licence renewal can be done by appointment only, Pos Malaysia announced that it has resumed walk-in services beginning today, the 6th of September.

As written on their website, Pos Malaysia said customers with existing licence or road tax renewal service appointments may continue with their appointments at their preferred date, time and location or just walk into any one of our post offices to carry out their renewal. 

JPJ drive-in counters begin – assures sufficient stocks of road tax and licence renewals…find out more about it here!

Customers are encouraged to use the “Outlet Finder” or the Pos Malaysia app to find the nearest post office.

Walk-ins are also allowed at the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) as of today, like Pos Malaysia, with no appointments needed. JPJ also specifically highlighted that only those who have been fully vaccinated are allowed to enter.

Alternatively, the public can also opt for other platforms such as MyEG or mySikap JPJ to renew their driver’s licence and road tax.

For now, the deadline to renew the expired driving documents have been extended. The new deadline is now the 31st of December 2021, extended from 31st of September.

Those who are unable to renew their driver’s licence or road tax for any reason should at least have an insurance cover note in the vehicle for verification purposes, especially at roadblocks.