Done with the Nissan Z, its engineer also made matching driving shoes

Since taking over the role of Chief Product Specialist (CPS) for the Nissan GT-R a few years ago, Hiroshi Tamura has been gradually pushing the performance envelope of the vehicle and Nissan’s brand image. The performance engineer was then given the task of reintroducing the Nissan Z for the new decade.

The new 2023 Nissan Z was officially unveiled just last week featuring a new 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine pushing out 405 hp and 475 Nm and paired to a classic six-speed manual transmission. As such, Tamura, who is a keen driver and long-time Negroni user, approached the Japanese premium shoemaker in a collaboration to create a line of Nissan Z driving shoes.

As such, Negroni has launched three designs of their Idea Corsa driving shoes with colours which are from the new sportscar’s palette.

Both the Idea Corsa Seiran Blue and Ikazuchi Yellow models have premium soft leather for the upper half of the shoe, while White uses perforated leather.  A chequered silver centreline, which is resistant to scratches and dirt, creates a nice contrasting look.  

In keeping with Japanese tradition for fine craftsmanship, Negroni said the Z emblem took several months of development with a long-established emblem store that has been in business for over a century. It is completed through delicate work of pouring colour into ultra-fine lines.

A bucket-type insole has been used in these collaboration models to promote a strong fit that holds the entire foot, increasing usability and comfort for driving with three pedals such as in the new Nissan Z.   

During the unveiling event of the Nissan Z Proto in 2020, Tamura said, “Z is a balance of power and agility. It is a vehicle that creates a connection with the driver not just on the physical level, but emotionally, and responds to the driver’s impulses.”

The Negroni Idea Nissan Z White driving shoes is priced at JPY37,400 (approx  RM1,427) while the soft leather variants of the Idea Corsa Nissan Z Seiran Blue is priced at JPY42,600 (approx RM1,762). Top of the range is the Idea Corsa model in Ikazuchi Yellow, priced at JPY48,400 (approx RM1,846).

Fans can purchase the Nissan Z driving shoes now, unlike the new Nissan Z sportscar which is only scheduled for deliveries from Spring 2022.  

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