Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate “All-Terrain” is perfect for those who are anti-SUV

These days most people would make/have the slightest excuse to get an SUV; whether it’s for space, visibility, or for that once-a-year visit to their relative’s durian orchard but it’s totally understandable.

If you really need one, there’s plenty of reasons to have one.The practical factors alone are enough to make you want to forget about the silly things like “low centre of gravity” and “nimbleness”.

However, if you’re one of the minorities, the odd few who are highly resistant to change and believe the days of lower-riding sedans/hatchbacks are not over, then you’re just the one Mercedes-Benz has built this new wagon for.

It’s called the C-Class Estate All-Terrain and as the name suggests, it’s for those who take their Mercedes-Benz off-road but are not convinced that the GLC would do the job better.

It sits higher than your average C-Class wagon with 40 mm more ground clearance. It’s also wider and longer than the standard C-Class estate with additional wheel arch linings and dedicated bumpers. The rear bumper is a new design, specially for the All-Terrain.

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The Estate All-Terrain also gets a different grille from the standard C-Class Estate. The standard wheel size is 17-inches although you can up it to 19-inches, which would significantly reduce the “All-Terrain-ness” of the wagon. Why would Mercedes-Benz even offer that?

Aside from the standard drive modes, the All-Terrain gets an OFFROAD and OFFROAD+ mode. The latter comes with Downhill Speed Regulation that when engaged, can apply the brakes automatically without the driver’s input, while on a downhill descend.

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With the OFFROAD modes, there are also steering, incline and decline angle displays along with a compass and geocoordinates.

Exclusive to the All-Terrain is a special off-road light. When driving on normal roads, it offers wide illumination but when the OFFROAD mode is activated, the off-road light switches on.

The function operates up to 50 km/h and automatically switches off when the speed is exceeded.

Capable of towing up to 1,800 kg, the C-Class Estate All-Terrain’s stability on the road while towing a trailer is safeguarded with the clever ESP Trailer Stabilisation feature.

When there are unusual movements with the trailer at the back, at speeds above 65 km/h, the feature helps apply the brakes individually and automatically. If necessary, the feature can also reduce the vehicle’s speed.

Another cool feature is the trailer maneuvering assistant that allows the driver to park the wagon (and trailer) by simply tapping on the infotainment display or touchpad.



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