Mugen’s body kit for the all-new Honda Civic Hatchback adds sportiness without being “ricey”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that there’s a new Honda Civic in town. And just like clockwork whenever Honda unveils a new car, Mugen has now followed it up with a body kit for the all-new Honda Civic Hatchback.

The full kit will only be launched alongside the car in Japan next month, but Mugen has furnished two teaser photos to hype up the launch, pretty much already telling us everything we need to know.

From the looks of it, the new body kit is considerably tamer than what we’ve come to expect from Mugen. The kit includes additional bumper extension lips and side skirts, a new honey-comb grille, and a small fixed spoiler at the back – all given the blacked-out treatment for an extra dose of sportiness.

Capping off the exterior changes are smaller additional items like a set of window visors, black wing mirror covers, number plate holders, as well as minor accessories like door handle scratch protectors, plus carbon fibre decals above the front grille and boot lip.

Honda USA also unveiled their own styling kit for the all-new Civic under the Honda HPD brand. Check it out here!

Aside from just aesthetic modifications, Mugen has also developed a new sports exhaust system for the all-new Honda Civic Hatchback, featuring two oval-shaped exhaust tips, alongside a set of 18-inch forged aluminium wheels that supposedly features the “Mugen sporty ride” characteristics.

Interior decorations are also expected in the Mugen kit for the all-new Honda Civic Hatchback, but we’ll have to wait until the official launch on the 3rd of September to see what that looks like. The company does say that there’ll be a set o new sports mats though, so there’s that.

Mugen also recently unveiled a body kit for the Honda Jazz, which we think looks ace! Check it out for yourself here.

With the all-new Honda Civic recently making its regional debut in Thailand, we probably don’t have to wait too much longer to see the 11th-gen Civic here in Malaysia.

Would you rather have yours equipped with this Mugen body kit, the competing Modulo kit, or instead go with the complete stock sleeper look? Let us know in the comments below!



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